Crack Fill

Crack Fill

The smallest problems can bring down the toughest materials. For your asphalt, that means tiny cracks will lead to big problems down the road. Over time, small cracks naturally grow in your asphalt as the materials age and weaken. The trouble is that these small cracks let water to penetrate the asphalt and seep through to the subgrade. The more water that makes its way under your pavement, the more failures you will see on the surface. Over time, the cracks will grow larger, the pavement may buckle, and other problems may appear.

You cannot ignore even tiny cracks as aesthetic issues. When you see cracks, you need to address them immediately. J&S Asphalt uses only the finest of materials for crack filling, and we are thorough in our process to ensure a strong bond and long-lasting results. We start by thoroughly cleaning and prepping the damaged area so that it can properly adhere to the filler. We also do this prep to ensure that the cracks are thoroughly cleaned of debris so that the filler will penetrate every opening.

Once the area is prepped, we heat the high-quality crack filler to more than 350 degrees and then apply it to the pavement with a banding machine and a squeegee apparatus. The process and materials we use ensures that you get the very best pavement repair and strong protection. Our high quality of workmanship ensures a long-lasting repair that will give your pavement years of protection and will save you a lot of money.

We deliver high quality crack fill products to protect your asphalt from weather exposure.

  • Hot & Cold Crack Fill
  • Type I & II Road Slurry
  • Armor Top Premium Sealcoat
  • Seal & Sand

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